non surgical orthopedistDr. Hector L. Lopez Jr.MD, CSCS, FAAPMRWith advanced training and experience in the fields of musculoskeletal medicine, physical therapy, and nutrition, Dr. Hector L. Lopez Jr. integrates several safe and non-invasive approaches to optimize patient recovery and improve overall health. Patients enjoy the painless comfort of his minimally invasive spine procedures, physical therapy, and nutritional counseling.

  • Conference Appearances and Presentations

    September 18, 2013: "The Science and Safety of Stimulant Dietary Supplements" - Council for Responsible Nutrition, Park City, UT

    April 25-26, 2014Presentation Title coming soon! Europa-ISSN University, Orlando, FL


Personal Testimonials

ONE OF KIND DOCTOR WITH EXCELLENT FACILITY - Dr. Hector L. Lopez Jr. has unique background training in not only spine, joint, sports and orthopedic medicine, but also is a clinical researcher in nutrition for orthopedic and pain conditions. He puts together a customized plan which includes high-tech diagnostic studies, therapy/exercise, chiropractic, nutrition, specialized injections (when necessary)and medication...also only when necessary.Truly a one of kind physician, with a one of a kind center!

Connie - Review


FANTASTIC DOCTOR & ALL AROUND TEAM - Has a comprehensive plan with a wide breadth of tools and expertise. My back pain, sciatica and knee arthritis are remarkably gone. He also got me in best shape I've been in years. I even lost 23 pounds on his plan. Great team with chiropractic & physical therapy. He managed my overall care with skill and enthusiasm. Awesome bedside manner!

John - Review


Professional Testimonials

"Dr. Hector L. Lopez Jr. is a leading non-surgical orthopaedic specialist who stays on the forefront of research in exercise, nutrition, minimally invasive orthopaedic techniqes, hormone optimization, and rehabilitation methods. Dr. Lopez' scientific research background gives him the unique ability to apply innovative methods in the best possible manner. He and his staff at Northeast Spine & Sports Medicine offer the very best to orchestrate a comprehensive plan with medical, chiropractic and physical therapy services under one roof. You would be hardpressed to find the wealth of knowledge, talent and cutting edge equipment integrated within a state of the art facility to deal with your orthopaedic needs."

Jeffrey R. Stout, PhD, FACSM, FNSCA, FISSN
Associate Professor
Department of Health and Exercise Science
University of Oklahoma


"If you're looking for a superlative approach to optimizing your health, I would highly recommend Dr. Hector L. Lopez Jr. Dr. Lopez is one of the great young minds in non-surgical orthopedics and preventive medicine and is unique among medical doctors in that he is trained in classic Western medicine, but is also adroit in the fields of exercise science and dietary supplements for health, fitness, and performance."

Jose Antonio, Ph.D., FACSM
CEO of International Society of Sports Nutrition, author of 12 books, and international speaker on sports supplements.


"You don't get better than Dr. Hector L. Lopez Jr. and his team. While he's one of the most brilliant physicians I know; his rare ability to communicate the most complex medical issues into practical advice is what sets him apart. I also appreciate his approach to treating the patient as a whole, as he understands orthopedic and sports medicine, nutrition, training, and the human body as good as anyone in any of those industries. There is no doctor I would rather send my patients to."

Christopher R. Mohr, PhD, RD
Author, Media Spokesperson, and owner of Nutrition Consulting Company, Mohr Results, Inc.


"There are not many doctors that "get it" when it comes to nutrition, fat loss, spine and joint health, and performance, but one of the few that does is Dr. Hector L. Lopez Jr. He will save you time and money by getting you fixed up faster than any other professional in the field."

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
The World's Most Effective Fat Loss Program


Dr. Lopez is well educated in the art and science of physical medicine and rehabilitation. With that in mind, he practices cutting edge medicine in a state of the art facility designed to meet the needs of his many patients. Patients of mine that I have sent to him have had nothing but rave reviews for him and his staff. I have nothing but the utmost confidence in his abilities to care for the patients that I send to him.

Ken Kronhaus, M.D., FAAFP
Jersey Coast Family Medicine LLC
Phone 732-458-8000
Fax 732-458-8020


"Dr. Hector L. Lopez Jr. is one of the most impressive physicians I know. He is a leader in the use of emerging technologies, all overtop expertise of the core principles of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Beyond that, he is just a great guy, and his interpersonal skills are phenomenal. I'd enthusiastically recommend him to my family and friends without reservation."

Gary P. Chimes, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center


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