non surgical orthopedistHector L. Lopez Jr.MD, CSCS, FAAPMRWith advanced higher education in nutritional biochemistry and exercise science, Dr. Hector Lopez integrates nutritional medicine and exercise with orthopedic medicine and physical rehabilitation to ease pain, reduce recovery time, and enhance the recovery process. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA and has worked with both professional and recreational athletes.

  • Conference Appearances and Presentations

    September 18, 2013: "The Science and Safety of Stimulant Dietary Supplements" - Council for Responsible Nutrition, Park City, UT

    April 25-26, 2014Presentation Title coming soon! Europa-ISSN University, Orlando, FL

Physical Rehabilitation & Medicine

Dr. Hector L. Lopez Jr. and his partners often direct a customized and comprehensive therapeutic exercise program to restore strength, endurance, and maximize functional capacity in patients with orthopedic injuries. He is able to prescribe detailed physical therapy and chiropractic rehabilitation program for all major orthopedic conditions and musculoskeletal injuries. These treatments are all delivered under one roof in order to maximize treatment efficacy, safety, and allow patients to get better faster and stay better for a longer period of time. Patients of Hector L. Lopez Jr. MD are frequently quoted as stating their ability to perform daily activities, athletic activities, as well as their occupation is often improved beyond their level of fitness prior to their injury. This is testimony to Dr. Lopez's ability to transition patients through an optimized acute rehabilitation program focusing on individual strengths and weaknesses in order to maximize performance for patients, athletes, and laypersons both on the field as well as in day-to-day life.



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This focus on maximizing performance and actually enhancing quality of life is one of the driving forces of Dr. Lopez's comprehensive, interdisciplinary facilities. Comprehensive, coordinated, and efficient medical and physical rehabilitation treatment under one roof is the exception and not the rule in today's healthcare environment.