non surgical orthopedistDr. Hector L. LopezMD, CSCS, FAAPMRWith advanced higher education in nutritional biochemistry and exercise science, Dr. Hector Lopez integrates nutritional medicine with orthopedic medicine to ease pain, reduce recovery time, and enhance the recovery process. He is a respected consultant to the nutritional supplement industry and has developed his own line of powerful neutraceuticals.

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    September 18, 2013: "The Science and Safety of Stimulant Dietary Supplements" - Council for Responsible Nutrition, Park City, UT

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Orthopedic Nutrition for Alternative Pain Treatment and Pain Relief

Nutritional Medicine for Pain Relief from an Orthopedic Specialist

Many alternative pain treatments and supplementary treatment programs carry unpleasant side effects or risks.   With a careful, custom-planned diet and nutritional supplementation, a nutritional medicine program planned by Dr. Hector L. Lopez Jr. provides a safe alternative with additional “side benefits.”

At Dr. Lopez's pain management clinic , healing and pain relief begins with proper nutrition.  The right balance of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids equips the body with the chemical building blocks necessary for healing and proper functioning. 

As a orthopedic doctor, Hector L. Lopez Jr. MD customizes each nutritional medicine plan to the patient’s condition, pain symptoms, and needs.  By supplementing alternative pain treatment with nutritional medicine, patients can experience better healing and less chronic pain with overall improved health.

How can a custom nutrition plan help my recovery?

The program accounts for a patient’s specific nutritional needs, deficiencies, and injury – allowing Dr. Hector L. Lopez Jr. to prescribe foods and supplements beneficial to their condition and reduce their intake of foods that may hinder recovery.  Foods high in omega-6 fatty acids, like refined carbohydrates, sugars, and soybean and corn oils, are known to have pro-inflammatory properties and can interfere with healing; while foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, like finfish, shellfish, and avocado, have anti-inflammatory properties and can help ease pain.  Omega-3 fatty acids are known as “heart-healthy” fats, providing additional benefits to the patient’s overall health.

How can I learn more about nutrition and pain relief?

Dr. Lopez frequently attends and hosts radio shows, podcast and webinars to educate the public on proper nutrition and how it can benefit their recovery. Click a link below to learn more:

Why Choose Hector L. Lopez Jr. MD?

Dr. Lopez has advanced postgraduate training in clinical nutrition and is known for having the unique ability to utilize nutritional prescriptions and nutritional medicine as a very powerful, yet safe method for enhancing recovery from orthopedic injury. Dr. Lopez has developed certain protocols for various musculoskeletal orthopedic conditions in order to accelerate pain relief and restore integrity of injured structures by naturally addressing inflammation, pain signal, and connective tissue remodeling. Dr.Hector L. Lopez Jr. continues to stay with the best of the most current scientific evidence and advances in nutritional science, heart health and chronic pain relief in order to bring his patients the very best outcome. He stays actively involved through clinical and applied research and as an advisor to the nutraceutical industry at large.



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Weight Management and Fat-Loss Nutrition

Hector Lopez, M.D., CSCS, FAAPMR, has extensive experience in managing a physician-directed weight loss system, which he categorizes as OPTIMAL AGING & AESTHETIC MEDICINE. OPTIMAL AGING & AESTHETIC MEDICINE (OAAM) is a program that Dr. Lopez has launched, which complements his musculoskeletal, spine, and sports medicine practice. OAAM integrates cutting-edge nutritional supplementation, a macronutrient whole food dietary system, and exercise strategies to maximize fat loss while maintaining or increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing risk for cardiovascular and metabolic disease. As many of Dr. Lopez's patients have mentioned, his NESSM practice allows them to recover and heal their orthopedic injuries while OAAM allows them to look and feel their best while preventing chronic disease.

Additionally, the OAAM program includes optional esthetic procedures to enhance body contouring, fat loss, and skin toning.

Athletic Performance Nutrition

Dr. Lopez is a frequently sought consultant by high-level athletes as well as the sports nutrition industry in an effort to maximize on-the-field and off-the-field peak performance on a daily basis. His performance nutrition protocols include specific cutting-edge dietary supplements as well as whole food dietary strategy to maximize recovery and enhance adaptation to elite-level training programs.