non surgical orthopedistDr. Hector L. LopezMD, CSCS, FAAPMRWith advanced training and experience in the fields of musculoskeletal medicine, physical therapy, and nutrition, Dr. Hector Lopez integrates several safe and non-invasive approaches to optimize patient recovery and improve overall health. As a pain management doctor his innovative injection therapy, chronic pain management methods, minimally invasive spinal procedures, and nutritional consulting help patients return to daily life.

  • Conference Appearances, Presentations, Radio

    September 18, 2013: "The Science and Safety of Stimulant Dietary Supplements" - Council for Responsible Nutrition, Park City, UT

    April 25-26, 2014Presentation Title coming soon! Europa-ISSN University, Orlando, FL

Dr. Hector L. Lopez Jr. Pain Management Specialist

For many patients dealing with chronic pain, medication and surgery are not always the best options. As an orthopedic specialist, Dr. Hector Lopez understands the needs of chronic pain sufferers seeking a less invasive and more natural alternative for pain management.

Advanced training and medical experience as a pain management specialist allow Dr. Lopez to provide safe and sensible alternatives to harsh procedures. His injection therapies restore function in joints damaged by injuries, tendonitis, or arthritis, and minimally invasive spine procedures relieve neck pain and back pain more comfortably.

Also highly trained in nutritional medicine and physical therapy, Dr. Lopez supplements pain relief with a pain-friendly diet and exercise program. Consider getting treatment from a pain specialist who focuses on the most important issue: the patient's well-being.



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